Friday, November 25, 2011

My very first post!

Hi ya'll (required, as I am blogging from Texas!)   Brand new to blogging, so please be kind.  Full time job and home, so not sure how frequently I'll get to post.  I do love the computer, however, when I'm working have little time for fun as I do 12-hour shifts.  Once you tack on ready-time and drive-time, all I wanna do when I get home is get into jammies and get into bed.  Oh yeah, did I tell you I work nights?  That makes it even worse. 

I enjoy my time crafting in my happy place, we all have one whether big or small.  I am lucky enough to have a room to myself.  Although its pretty organized, its also overrun, and I am inspired by many YouTubers with uber-pretty craft rooms.  I have ideas, and when I have the funding mine will be pretty and creative too, LOL.  

I've decided this will be a nifty place to show pics of the cards and layouts I create, so I will upload some ASAP.  Right now I have some wedding cards to get out, and then it will be hot and heavy on Christmas cards!

Have a blessed day...


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  2. Yeah I'm your 1st follower...I love to be first ;)
    I am so looking forward to seeing your creative creations on here :)