Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hey ya'll, how's every little thing?  Missed ya, been sick, working, etc. etc. etc.  Trying to get Valentine's done, will post those shortly.  Here is a birthday card I made for my BFF back in January, I couldn't post so she wouldn't see it! (Hi Kelly, Love ya!).   It is a chipboard magnetic card I ordered from that I covered with papers and embellished.  I stepped out to do a color combination I normally wouldn't grab for, kind of hard to tell but its oranges, lime greens and purples.  I had an idea in mind of different things I'd like to say to her if I wasn't @her side, and these are some of the upwards thoughts I came up with.  I printed them on the colored paper, inked around most edges, and glued them in different patterns.  She really liked the card, keeps telling me I should sell these things!  Naw, its too much fun just to create   :o)    Enjoy...

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