Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hey ya'll, whew, look how far behind I am.  I just worked 4 12-hr shifts, so pretty much all I do is work and sleep.  I know I've said I just started a new job, and my schedule is not quite back to the norm I'm used to, so it's kept me thrown off of sleep, household, and everything else.  On top of that I work nights, so I'm really screwy.  I know I said I was posting a video, and I've been trying, but it hasn't been working out.  Haven't had the time to get tech-y about it, so I have a couple days off and I intend to address it.  It's cold here tonight (Houston, TX) in the 30's!  My daughter is in VA and says it's 70's there, go figure.  Got a little Christmas shopping done today, woohoo!  Now, the wrapping....not as fun.  I have bought the supplies to do all my own tags this year, so I am looking forward to that.  Even though I do practically all my cutting with the Silhouette SD, I did buy a humongous tag-shaped punch @Michael's, on sale of course, AND with a coupon.  Is there any other way to shop, really?!  Hobby Lobby is my #1 store, and much closer, but the deal just worked out that way.  Shout out to TracysTreasures24, tried for her mini album but didn't get picked  :o(, but it started the wheels turning for me.  Stay tuned, who knows what I'll come up with.  I bought candy (Lindt's truffles and Ghiradelli holiday chocolate..mmm) for the advent calendar I have, so I'll look forward even more to the Christmas countdown.  2 parties this week, so I've got to keep on top of things.  TTYL  <yawn>

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